Vietnamese foods have been created for a long time mostly using readily available ingredients. One interesting thing about Vietnam is the fact that each region grows different foods due a situation which is mainly attributed to the fact that climate varies greatly from one location to the next. This has in turn made it possible to always try the growing of something new. For instance in the south of Vietnam, the Mekong region is popularly known for its fertile soils which has been found to be extremely amazing for the growing of fruits and vegetables.

Central Vietnam on the other hand has proven to be quite mountainous with conditions best suited for the growing of spices. Dishes from central Vietnam on the other hand are known for the spiciness while those from the north of Vietnam are known for their subtle combination of flavor.

In addition to the above, Vietnamese food has also been found to be characteristic of a heavy French influence which mostly comes from the days when Vietnam was being colonized by the French back in the 19th century. It is during this time that vegetables were introduced, potatoes, onions and other vegetable such as lettuce, cauliflower, carrots etc. The biggest price item of all however was coffee which made Vietnam the second leading producer of coffee.

One of the best ways to learn more about Vietnam’s cuisine is to gain as much skis as you possibly can for instance by attending cooking classes while away on travel. This should be very easy since most cities have cooking classes on offer which serve as a guarantee for a lot of experience and lots of fun. take note cooking lessons vary in length depending on how comprehensive you would like for it to be coupled by factors such as whether you are starting off as a beginner or if you already have some background idea on how to go about cooking, in this case Vietnamese food.

After going through the cooking classes, you will have familiarized yourself with a lot of Vietnamese dishes hence able to easily take advantage of all that you learn in class and come up with a version of the Vietnamese food based entirely on your creation. As strange as it may sound, in Vietnam, the best way to enjoy Vietnamese food is to share it. This is clearly evident from the fact that during family gathering in Vietnam, the main course is normally pace right at the center of the table alongside noodles or rice and other sauces or pastes such as fish paste, soy sauce or better yet shrimp taste.

To crown it all up, the following are some of the main dishes which Vietnam is popularly known for, they include the Gai Cuan and the Banh mi. taking into consideration all of the above, feel free o try out something new on your Vietnam style adventure before competing your journey since by doing so you are guaranteed a chance to have a new favorite dish.

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